Heartland Controls

Not all products are represented in all areas. Please contact your local office for information on product availability in your area.

Water & Wastewater Products

Ametek Drexelbrook Continuous Level Measurement
RF Admittance - Ultrasonic - Non-Contact Radar - TDR (Guided Wire Radar)
Magnetostrictive - Hydrostatic Pressure
Point Level Measurement
RF Admittance - Conductivity - Vibration - Float Switches
Analytical Products
Clarity Control Monitor
Cut Monitor
Analytical Technology Water Quality Monitors
Gas Detection Systems
Entech Design EchoSmart Interface Level Analyzer
Fluid Components International Thermal Dispersion Flowmeters, Flow Switches, Level Switches
Hatch Marsh McBirney Hach Sigma Open Channel Flowmeters, Flo-Dar, Flo-Tote,
Flo-Ware and FL900 Flo-Logger
Hughes-Safety Emergency Safety Showers, Eyebaths and Decontamination Equipment
McCrometer Multi-Mag - Full Pipe Multi-Point Averaging Insertion
Magmeter and Single Point Insertion Magmeter
v2 System
Meriam pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Turbidity, Ozone, and Dissolved Oxygen
Open Channel Flow Flumes, Weirs, Single-Piece/Modular Shelters, Manholes & Equipment Enclosures
SeaMetrics Inc. Magnetic & Turbine Flowmeters
Data Loggers & Batching Controllers
SeaMetrics Inc. Fixed O2, Toxic & Combustible Gas Detectors, Flame Detectors
Spectre Corp. Spectre Corp

Submersible Level Measurement, Sludge Pump Discharge Monitoring
Wilkerson Instrument Co Inc. Wireless Analog Signal Conditioning
Level Monitoring & Control
Lift Station Back-Up Pump Control
Vortab Company Flow Conditioners
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